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Almighty God, holy and eternal, we thank thee, praise thee and worship thee, with all our hearts for all the favours and blessings bestowed upon us. Help us to see and feel thy might and goodness in everything and on everyday. We praise thee for our creation, preservation and for all the comforts and blessings of this life and more particularly for our studies in this college.


Oh God our heavenly father, we beseech thee to bestow thy blessings on this great institution of ours and to give to all who govern and teach, and all who learn herein the gifts of wisdom and courage, of a sincere and humble love of truth, of the spirit of unity, concord and discipline. Order the future of this college and grant that it may be a centre of light and life in this part of our country and a blessing to many.


God, we remember all the old students of this college. Make them faithful and fruitful in whatever spheres they are called upon to serve thee.


Gracious God, guard and guide our country and strengthen all those who are in authority and leadership, so that we may be justly and wisely governed.


Always helps us Oh God, to thank thee more heartily, to know thee more clearly, to love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly. Let us in silence dedicate ourselves for the service of God and our country.
(Then shall follow a moment of silence)