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Tourism Club at College

Tourism in Kerala is going through a significant phase of growth and development. The sustained efforts of the Department of Tourism over a period of several years have played a crucial role in achieving this momentum and direction.

The Department of Tourism is committed to preserving this trend and working towards long-term goals of establishing Tourism as a major development factor in the state. It is with this objective that the Department of Tourism is envisaging a massive awareness campaign in the state by setting up of Tourism clubs in colleges.

The Tourism Club of our college is formed with an objective of creating awareness among the students about Tourism activities and to incorporate the student’s strength and potential in the Development of Tourism in our State.

With the support of the District Tourism Promotion Council of Pathanamthitta, the Tourism club was set up in our college, and is functioning effectively.

Every year the club conducts as part of the World Tourism Day celebrations various competitions ,Motor rally and programs in the college.This year apart from the competitions the club has planned to conduct Orientation programmes, Field visit to an unknown destination for a day and Seminar sessions by eminent persons from tourism and hospitality industry and much more. 

We believe our Tourism club will help to cultivate a right attitude towards Tourism among the students in our college .Since it is a field with immense job opportunities, students will be very enthusiastic and  genuinely interested to participate in the activities of the Tourism Club.

Tourism Club will work on the objectives as stated below :

1. Generate more public attention towards tourism and its developmental efforts

2. Create awareness about the socio-economic relevance of tourism for the development of the state

3 .Nullify and dilute existing misconceptions and misguided apprehensions regarding growth of tourism

4. Create platforms for more open expressions and exchange of ideas regarding tourism related activities

5. Impress upon the younger and upcoming generation, the importance and relevance of tourism in their career and          there by generate a positive attitude towards tourism

6. Make the younger generation participate in the developmental activities of tourism

7. Achieve professionalism in tourism

8. Encourage travel mentality and promote national integration and international amity

9. Create a rational approach towards tourism, environment and nature

10. Identify/locate potential tourist spots in the district

11.  To propogate and create awareness of our Tourism slogan of our Nation  "Aditihi Devo Bhava "




Inauguration of Tourism Club

Tourism Club of St.Thomas College, Ranni was inaugurated on 25th July 2019,Thursday@2.30-3.30 pm, by the Tourism Coordinator and Manager of the College Prof.Dr....

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