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General Rules

  1. All celebrations in the campus, including Union activities, should be held only after getting prior permission from the Principal of the College. Celebrations of any type should be communicated to the Principal through concerned Staff Advisor at least five working days prior to the event, with programme details, guests attending, source of funds, expenditure estimates etc. The `Discipline Committee' should monitor and supervise the celebrations in the college.
  2. Students' Union activities should be supervised by a Committee chaired by the Principal with Staff Advisor as Convener, and HODs and Discipline Committee Members.
  3. All students have to wear identity tag in the college.
  4. No type of vehicles should be used during celebrations inside the college Campus / Hostel.
  5. Student's vehicles will be allowed only up to the designated parking area. Entry beyond that point in strictly prohibited.
  6. In order to monitor and supervise the functioning of the Hostel separate committees for Girls Hostel has to be constituted by the College Council with five members. The Head of the Institution shall be the Chairman/Chairperson and Hostel Warden the Convener.
  7. If any complaint is received from hostel inmates or from the public to the head of the Institution about the misbehavior of students and about activities like keeping weapons, consuming alcohol, using drugs in campus/hostel rooms etc., steps will be taken as per the rules in force. The committee intended for hostel must be vigilant and effective. Room of security personnel should be located near to the entry gate.
  8. Public, including former students, will be allowed to enter the college campus only for genuine reasons. The will not be allowed to enter the class rooms and hostel room in any case.
  9. C.C. TV Cameras will be installed in selected common places of college and hostel.
  10. Programmes by External agencies/Professional groups/Paid programmes such as D J Musical events should not be permitted inside the campus. No type of fund raising from the students should be permitted, as these practices lead to extortion and misuse of fund. Technical festivals should be limited to technical activities.
  11. Bike Race / Motor Car Race / Elephant procession or similar activities shall not be permitted inside the Campus.
  12. In the interest of security of students, Police may be informed in advance about all festival celebrations.