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Department of History

The Department of History was a part of St. Thomas College Ranny from its inception. But it became a full-fledged department only after the establishment of B.A History in 1994. Now this is a combined department of History and Political Science.

Department History

The desire to know the past is the natural instinct of man. Understanding this, the founders and well wishers of St.Thomas College Ranny initiated the Department of History in the year 1994. Notwithstanding the fact that the department as such came in to existence in 1994, the subject was taught in the college from the year of its inception. Initially it functioned as the combined Department of Economics and History. In the year of inception the Department of History had a sanctioned strength of forty students. From the beginning; the department constitutes faculty members of both History and Political Science. Prof. Raju Kuruvilla (1970-2000) served as the Head of the Department from 1994 to 2000 and later became the Manager of the College. Other prominent members who served the institution from the time of its inception were Prof Mary Kurien (1973-2004),Prof. P.CMathew(Political Science 1977-1999),Prof. K.C.Onnitten(1978-2002), Rev.Fr.K.O.Joseph(1982-2005)and Capt. P.U.Kunjoonjamma (1982- 2010).
After the delinking of the Pre Degree section, the sanctioned teaching strength of the Department was reduced to three in History and one in Political Science. At present Dr Deepa Roselin Joseph, Dr Susha S.P and Mr Anish M Abraham are serving in the Department as Assistant Professors in History and Mrs. Rigy Idiculla as Assistant Professor in Political Science


To create social and civic values in youth and also a passion for learning about the past so as to enable them to have a better understanding about the present world.


Work for a just society upholding moral and ethical values which we have inherited from generation
  to generation, at the very same time maintaining and sustaining the secular framework of our nation.

B.A History

The proposed B.A Programme in Model 1 shall consist of 30 courses to be completed in 6 semesters.


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Faculty Achievements

Department of History

<p><strong>Achievements :</strong></p> <p>Dr. Deepa Roselin Joseph was awarded Ph D from MG University in 2014</p> <p>Dr. Susha SP was awarded Ph D from MS University in 2015</p>

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