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General Rules of discipline

The Rules and Regulations of the college are framed by the Management and the Principal to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere. The College community is bound to abide by the rules along with the directions offered by the Hon.High Court. Violation of the court orders or rules and regulations of the college is a punishable offence as it will invoke not only contempt of court but also deterrent punishment.

General Rules

  1. All students of the college should follow the rules and regulations of the college. Ignorance of rules is no excuse for misbehavior.
  2. Every student shall wear his/her Identity Card daily
  3. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually.
  4. No student is permitted to leave the Campus during class hours without the permission of the HOD and Class Teacher
  5. No student shall enter or leave the class room when the session is on without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  6. Students are expected to spend their free hours in the Library/Reading Room. They should not loiter along the verandahs or crowd at the gate or about the offices. Students can also make use of the Computer Centre/Library during their free time .
  7. Nothing is more appreciated from a student than courteous and mannerly behaviour. Show due respect to your teachers and the other staff of the college. Greet them when you meet them inside or outside the campus.
  8. After class hours, students are not permitted to stay back in the Campus without obtaining the permission of the Principal.
  9. Students are expected to be properly dressed. Showy clothes are to be avoided. All the students are expected to be dignified in their dress and general behaviour. Male students should not tuck up their dhothi in the campus. Students are not permitted to wear round neck T-Shirts, or those with graphic design and vulgar messages. They are also not permitted to wear low waist jeans.
  10. When the Principal or teacher enters a class room all students will rise and remain standing till they are directed to sit down.
  11. Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises. Students who are found intoxicated in the campus will be expelled from the campus with immediate effect.
  12. Students known for repeated misbehavior will not be issued Conduct Certificate.
  13. Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.
  14. Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the Campus.
  15. Students are not permitted to drive or park their vehicles inside the Campus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate the rules.
  16. Students are also forbidden from undertaking any tour or excursion other than those permitted by the Principal.
  17. Do not submit mass petitions to the Principal. If you have any grievance or complaint, let your representatives meet him/her.
  18. Notice of any kind shall not be circulated among the students or pasted anywhere within the College premises without the written permission of the principal.
  19. Political activism is strictly banned in the college campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than the official ones. Students resorting to strikes are strictly prohibited from entering the College campus. The directions of the Hon. High Court will be strictly complied with.
  20. Meetings of any kind shall not be held within the college premises without the written permission of the principal.
  21. Except the meetings of various permitted college associations no students shall address any gathering within the college premises without the permission of the principal .
  22. Do not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. with graffiti, bells, engravings etc. Learning not to damage property whether public or private is one of the primary requirements for civilized behaviour.
  23. Students are forbidden to write anything on the black boards or address the class in absence of the teacher in the class room.
  24. The previous permission of the principal is necessary for the following
    1. For organizing special meetings, entertainments or special function in the college .
    2. For using loud speakers in the college and its premises
    3. For inviting persons from outside the college for any function in the college.
    4. For collecting money for any purpose from among the students or staff.
  25. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing and using mobile phones in the campus. Students who use mobiles in the class will be fined and the mobile confisticated.
  26. Since the college is co-educational all students shall be modest and disciplined in their behaviour inside and outside the college.
  27. All our students are expected to maintain the prestige and reputation of the college in all matters of conduct and behaviour in and out of the college.
  28. Any student who is persistently insubordinate, who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, who is guilty of fraud or malpractice in connection with examinations or who, in the opinion of the Principal, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his fellow students, shall be removed from the rolls. The removal shall be either temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.
  29. Ragging/eve teasing/intimidating/harassing/using words of abuse etc. to anyone including junior students especially female students within the campus or outside is a punishable crime under Police Act, and such matters will be reported immediately to the police. Students involved in such acts will be punished and it may be in the form of
    1. Imprisonment upto 2 years
    2. A fine of Rs.10,000/- and
    3. Dismissal from the college.

Attendence & Leave of Absence

General Rules

  1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.
  2. No students shall absent himself/herself from the class without leave. Leave for a particular period may be granted by the lecturer concerned. Except in the case of unforeseen circumstances, application for leave of absence for the working session or for the whole day should reach the Principal before the commencement of the session. In other case leave application should be submitted as early as possible and in any case, not later than the first day of return to the college. All leave application should be in the prescribed form.
  3. Absence without leave even for a single period either in the morning or in the evening session, will be treated as absence for half a day. Absence for one period each in morning and evening sessions without leave, will be counted as absence for the whole day.
  4. Students who leave the class without permission will lose their attendance for the whole day.
  5. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who are repeatedly absent themselves without leave or who are habitually late
  6. It is the responsibility of the students to make sure that they have earned necessary attendance in all the semesters. Every student has to earn 75% of the attendance prescribed by the college each semester.
  7. The list of absentees will be put up on the notice board at the end of every month.
  8. The attendance certificate in each semester will not be signed unless a student has secured 75% of the attendance prescribed by the college and his/her conduct has been satisfactory.
  9. A student whose attendance falls below the minimum indicated above may apply to the syndicate for exemption through the Principal. The application for exemptions should be accompanied by a chalan receipt for Rs.200 up to 10 days/Rs.400 up to 20 days (maximum) and an explanatory statement for each day of absence. A medical certificate must also be submitted in case of absence on grounds of ill health. In no case exemption will be recommended by the principal, unless he is convinced that the shortage of attendance was due to causes beyond the student's control.
  10. A student who has not been selected for end-semester University examination, but who at the close of the academic year is certified by the principal to have made such satisfactory progress as to be fit for admission to the examination may appear for a subsequent examination without further attendance in the college, provided he/she has secured the necessary attendance certificate.
  11. A student absenting himself / herself from the college for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls.
  12. On examination days, leave of absence will be granted only when the leave applications supported by a medical certificate from a medical officer who is not below the rank of an Assistant surgeon.