Accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with B (Affliated to Mahathma Gandhi University)
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General Rules

  1. The Library consists of the General stack cum Reading Room and the Reference Section.
  2. All the students are members of the college library.
  3. Students should present their Identity Card before entering the Library and before entering the general rack room identity card & library card should be produced.
  4. The library will be opened from 9.00 am to 4.30 p.m. on all working days.
  5. Students are not permitted to go with books or paper into the general rack room.
  6. Writing Assignments in the reading room is strictly prohibited.
  7. A student is permitted to borrow only two books at a time. Books of Reference Section will not be lent out.
  8. Books will be issued only on production of Borrower's Ticket. The Ticket is not transferable and a fine of Rs.10 will be charged if lost.
  9. A student shall not retain a book for more than 14 days. If the due date is a holiday, the book must be returned on the next working day. If a student fails to return the book on due date he/she shall pay a fine of 1 Rs. per day, the book is kept beyond the period allowed.
  10. On receipt of a book the student should examine and report at once to the librarian any damage caused or happened on the book. If the student fails to do so he/she will be held responsible for any damage when it is subsequently detected by the Librarian.
  11. No student is allowed to sub-lend the library books to any one in or out of the college.
  12. All marking, underlining etc. in any book are strictly forbidden.
  13. No student should damage Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals kept in the reading room.
  14. Strict silence should be observed in the reading room.
  15. Personal belongings such as book, bags etc.must be kept in the Property counter before entering the reading room.
  16. If a book is damaged in any way the full price of the book will be realized.
  17. Students should maintain silence in the Library.
  18. Use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited.
  19. Missing of Library card shall be reported to the Librarian and student will be charged if lost.
  20. Library should be kept clean & tidy.
  21. Mobile Phones shall be kept in silent mode.