Department of Chemistry

Department Profile

The Department was founded in 1968 under the direction of late Prof. K. K. Unnikrishnan Nair. The department now provides undergraduate and post graduate programmes. In 2002, the M.Sc. Chemistry postgraduate programme was established. The department has made a concerted effort to stay up with changes in the area, and has developed demanding and innovative courses on a regular basis. Currently the department comprises of 7 permanent teachers and 2 laboratory staff headed by Dr. Ansu Jacob. Every member is committed to the department's and College's general well-being and development.

The department offers students a variety of possibilities to learn about new challenges and opportunities in their discipline. The department routinely hosts seminars and lectures that expose students to a variety of chemistry and life-related issues.

The department gladly acknowledges and honours the accomplishments and services of all retired/transferred professors who, in their various roles as head/faculty member, contributed to the Department's growth.


The Chemistry Department prepares students for a diverse and changing world. We strive to contribute to a chemically literate, socially committed and competitive professionals to meet the future demands of the changing global environment through teaching , scholarship, and service.

Mission & Objective

  • To educate and inspire young minds to pursue careers in science and technology.
  • To use education as a tool to address societal issues and promote human growth.
  • To train the country's future scientists and educators.
  • To prepare students to confront life's obstacles.

Endowment List

Sl. No Endowment Criteria
1. Prof.K.K Gopakumaran Memorial Endowment
  • (i) Topper in First Semester M.Sc.Chemistry Examination
  • (ii) Topper in Final year B.Sc. Chemistry Examination
2. Prof.K.K Unnikrishnan Nair Memorial Endowment

Topper in Final Year B.Sc. Chemistry Examination

3. Major.Prof.M.G Varghese Endowment
  • (i)Topper in Final M.Sc.Chemistry Examination
  • (ii)Best NCC Cadet (Boy)
4. Prof. Gracy.N.Uthuppan Endowment

Topper in First Semester M.Sc. Physical Chemistry Examination

5. Chemistry Department Endowment-I

Best Lab Performer in B.Sc. Chemistry

6. Chemistry Department Endowment-II

STC Chemistry Excellence Award for P.G student

7. Chemistry Department Endowment-III

Best Library user in Department of Chemistry

8. Chemistry Department Endowment-IV

Best performer in Co-curricular activities in Department of Chemistry

9. Chemistry Department Endowment-V

Top Scorer for IInd Year U.G. Organic Chemistry

10. Chemistry Department Endowment-VI

Versatile Chemistry Award

11. Chemistry Department Endowment-VII

Best Research Aptitude Award for P.G. student

M.Sc Chemistry Degree Program

(Mahatma Gandhi University Regulations PGCSS2019 from 2019-20 Academic Year)

Credit and Semester system is followed in this program. The program has 4 semesters with 18 weeks in each semester. In each week, there are 15 lecture hours and 10 laboratory hours. In each semester there are 270 lecture hours and 180 practical hours; thus a total of 450 calendar hours in each semester which is in compliance with the minimum 390 hours stipulated by the UGC.

Number of Seats : 12
Eligibility Criteria for Admissions

Graduation in Chemistry/Petrochemicals with not less than CGPA of 5.00 out of 10.00 in CoreGroup (Core + Complementary +Open Courses).

Relaxation in Marks in the qualifying examination:
  • 1. For SC/ST category,a pass in the qualifying examination is the minimum requirement for admission.
  • 2. For OEC category CGPA of 4.5 in the qualifying examination is required.


(Graduate Programmes under Choice Based Credit System, 2017 (UGCBCSS 2017).

The U.G.programme in Chemistry must include:

  • Common Courses
  • Core Courses
  • Complementary Courses (Physics and Mathematics)
  • Choice Based Courses
  • Open Courses ( Chemistry in Everyday Life )
  • Project, Industrial Visit (I.V.) and Comprehensive viva - voce.

No course shall carry more than 4 credits. The student shall select any one open course in Sem V offered by the Departments which offers the core courses or physical education department, depending on the availability of infrastructure facilities, in the institution. The number of Courses for the restructured programme should contain 12 compulsory core courses,1 open course,1 choice based course from the frontier area of the core courses, 6 core practicals,1 project & I.V. in the area of core, 8 complementary courses, 2 complementary practicals otherwise specified, from the relevant subjects for complementing the core of study. There should be 10 common courses, or otherwise specified, which includes the first and second language of study.

Number of Seats : 32

A pass in Higher Secondary Examination of the state or an Examination accepted by the University as equivalent thereto with Chemistry as one of the subjects.

Choice Based Courses
  • CH6CBT01 Polymer Chemistry
    Offered to VI Semester B. Sc. Chemistry students
  • Offered to VI Semester B. Sc. Chemistry students
Complementary Course
  • Complementary course offered to Departments of Physics, Botany, Zoology during I, II, III and IV semesters.
Open Course
  • CH5OPT01 Chemistry in Everyday Life
  • Offered to all UG programmes during V Semester.

The Department provides the necessary facilities to undertake experiment-oriented studies based on the M. G. University syllabus. Students have access to a fully equipped M. Sc. Physical Lab, M. Sc. Inorganic & Organic Lab, B. Sc. Chemistry Lab and a Computer Lab.

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Year Milestones
1964 Predegree Course in Science affiliated to Kerala University.
1968 The Kerala University affiliated Bachelor of Science in Chemistry programme was launched. Late. Prof.K K Unnikrishnan Nair (First Head of the Department).
1983 Affiliation shifted to MG university
2001 M.Sc. Chemistry programme, affiliated to M G University was introduced.
2014 Golden Jubilee Year of the Chemistry Department