Department of Zoology

Department Profile

The Department of Zoology in accordance with its institutional aim of producing intellectually well trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually enlightened young adults, was instrumental in finding out and bringing up with an aptitude in Animal Science, turning them into bright scholars in Zoology. The Department has always believed in imparting quality education and the achievements of our students reflect the same. The department has produced students who have moved on to complete their studies even in universities in Australia, Canada, and the United States of America. Several of them are faculty members in different colleges throughout the state and have completed their doctorates subsequently. The department witnessed creative and productive activities, which helped not only the society in finding out novel and sustainable means of livelihood but also the higher education scenario in giving new dimension to the educational process in the rural background. The department has a good museum and a well equipped laboratory, a well-stocked library, reading room and a computer lab.

Department History

The Department of Zoology had its origin in 1968 with the commencement of a graduate programme in the subject having Botany and Chemistry as subsidiary courses. The first batch of students appeared for the final year university exam during March 1971.


  • To guide and motivate students in the search for novel and sustainable means of livelihood.
  • To enlighten under privileged students of the rural background.
  • Success through dedication.

Extension Activities

  • Vermicomposting in the campus using the pit method.
  • Apiculture
  • Butterfly garden

Programme Offered

UG Course: Zoology

  • Number of Seats: 32
  • Duration: 6 Semester (3 Year)
  • Eligibility for admission : A Pass in Higher secondary Examination of the state or an Examination accepted by the University as equivalent there to with Biology as one of the subjects.

Complementary Courses: Botany and Chemistry

Open Courses offered: Public Health & Nutrition

Year Annual Report
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Year Milestone
2012 Conducted UGC sponsored National seminar on “ Biodiversity-it’s conservation for Sustainable future”
2014 ZOOFEST - Intercollegiate competition All round Trophy winner
2019 Approved as Research Guide by M.G.University - Dr.Aleyamma Kuruvilla
2020 Dr. Aleyamma Kuruvilla appointed as College Principal
2021 Approved as Research Guide in M.G.University - Dr.R.Aruna Devy
2022 Ms. Gaurilakshmi - 2016-19 B.Sc. batch cleared CSIR - LS with AIR - 40
2022 BOS - UG - Member - Dr.R.Aruna Devy
2023 Science Expo 2023

Binocular microscopes, Compound microscopes, Dissection microscopes, Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Chromatography, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Electronic balance, Hot air Oven, Incubators, Centrifuges, Microtome, Kymograph, Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometers, Sphygmomanometer, Camera Lucida, Micrometry, Bio visual charts, Permanent whole mount microslides etc,

  • a. Department Library with more than 150 reference books
  • b. Computer Lab with internet facility for students
  • c. Practical Lab
  • d. Museum with more than 350 specimens
  • e. Digital classroom