Department of Hindi

Department Profile

The college started in the year 1964 as a junior college and upgraded in the year 1968 as first grade. Late Prof.Fr. P M Mathulla was the first teacher in the Department. Father saved the college for a period of 26 years and retired in the year 1990. Prof. Saramma Mathew joined the college in 1969,Prof. A Thankamma joined in 1971 and these three worked together until 1990.

When Prof. Fr. P M Mathulla retired, Prof. Saramma Mathew became HOD. Smt. A Chachikkutty joined the college in 1988, and Smt. Suja Abraham joined the college in 1990 when Fr. P M Mathula retired from the service.

In the year 1997 Prof. Saramma Mathew retired and Prof. A Thankamma became HOD. Smt. Chachikkutty served the college for a period of 13 years only. She retired in 2001.Prof. A Thankamma retired in 2005 after 34 years service.