The music club aims to promote and develop the musical talents of students. The club includes teachers in charge, a student coordinator and members.

Its main objects are :

  • To provide a platform for the students to hone their musical abilities.
  • To develop organisational skills in students through various activities like creating bands
  • To bring theoretical knowledge in various topics related to music
  • Club members are those students who are either talented in vocal music or in playing any musical instrument or both. The club conducts seminars, workshops, quizzes for its members to help them to perform better. The cell also promotes the culture of celebrating national commemorative days, events and festivals by creating musical videos based on respective themes. Members of the club also get opportunities to prove their mettle in various competitions like University Youth festival and various intercollegiate competitions.

    Faculties in Charge :- Mrs. Sruthi Mariam David & Mrs. Haripriya V