Ranni St. Thomas College Employees Cooperative Society Ltd, PT 160 was registered in 1999 under the section 8 of the Kerala cooperative societies act 1969, of Govt. of Kerala. The society was established for the empowerment and to fulfill the financial requirement of employees ( teaching & nonteaching) of St. Thomas College, Ranni. At present there are 52 members belonging to the teaching and non teaching categories. The society is working on the precast bylaws registered at the time of registration and approved amendments were undertaken based on the requirements of the members and also as per the changing rules and regulations of the government. The society is governed by a 7 member director board elected by following the protocols of the Cooperative department, Regarding the working areas, there are facility for accepting fixed deposits from the members, credit schemes (loans) and also mutual funds. The society has a registered office working in the college building, managed by a full time paid secretary. The Secretary is managing all the administrative procedures of the society.

A cooperative store managed by the society is functioning in the college premises during the working hours. The store provides access to textbooks and other stationery, as well as photocopying services.