“To communicate with larger community sharing knowledge and experiences needed to sustain both individually and socially”, the college aims at serving the society with all kinds of resources available. St.thomas College Ranni has a well-established extension wing which is involved in several activities throughout the year. Through extension and outreach programs, we sensitize the students to develop social values, widespread their responsibilities and knowledge in societal issues and problems by making them to involve with the community people. Students with profound interest attain the social values and understanding of their social responsibility as a citizen. Above all, students get hold of social justice, value, responsibility and sustainability. Apart from them, National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corp(NCC) units also serve the society through organizing various initiatives like camps, Blood donation Camp, Awareness Programme, Covid Duty,. In addition, a new venture “Knowledge Village” is started in the college in collaboration of eight different higher education institutes in Ranny which works under the guideship of Adv Pramod Narayan MLA (Member of Ranny Constituency Assembly). The project aimed to make some revolutionary changes in the education sector and to contribute towards problems of local community through the above core areas with the collaboration of eight higher education institutes.

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