Department of Commerce

Department Profile

St. Thomas College, Ranny, a First Grade college under M.G. University was started in 1964 and is owned by St. Thomas Valiyapally, Ranny. The college has been able to enlighten thousands of people in and around Ranny at a time when there was no higher education facility available in the region. Until 1980 only Commerce Group i.e., Fourth Group was offered by the institution. In 1980 Commerce Department came into being under the captaincy of Late Professor K.C. Kuriakose and Prof. Babu Joseph (former Principal). The department was elevated to postgraduate level in 1999 by beginning to offer an M.Com programme. It is to be highlighted that our students who come out of the college are successful in finding out novel and sustainable means of livelihood as well as innovations in the higher education scenario all over the world. And thus the department has been able to achieve a lot of its institutional goals of framing spiritually inspired, orally upright, intellectually oriented and socially committed young men and women who love God and our country.

During the past 42 years, the department could contribute a lot of gems in the various fraternities of everyday life. We have been able to bring out a large number of teachers, businessmen, industrialists, chartered accountants, priests, financial analysts, managers etc… in India as well as all over the world. You can meet at least one commerce student of St.Thomas College, Ranny everywhere in the world. The latest golden feather on our cap is Kamal Harichandran bagging the 9th rank in the M. G. University examinations for Model 1 B.Com in 2021.


With an enduring commitment to learning and ethical conduct, the Department of Commerce of St. Thomas College aims to provide value based and professionally relevant programmes in a continuously changing global scenario. Moulding the department to a postgraduate research department is the immediate mission of our team.


To inspire students to find their gifts by providing innovative education and training, which in turn will help them to succeed in their professional and civic lives.


  • To sharpen the professional competencies of students during the period of their study.
  • To encourage the students for higher studies in postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral level.
  • To find out the entrepreneurs and identify talents and innovations among students so as to enable them to cater towards businesses and allied industries.
Programme Number of Seats
B.Com 50
M.Com 12


Model 1 Finance&Taxation Finance
Fundamentals of accounting-open course

Infrastructural profile of the department

The department of commerce have five lecture rooms, one well-furnished staff room and a large computer lab attached with it. All of these cover about 6000 square feet area.

Name of the Room Area in Sq. Ft.
B.Com Lecture Room 1 530
B.Com Lecture Room 2 530
B.Com Lecture Room 3 530
M.Com Lecture Room 1 530
M.Com Lecture Room 2 530
Staff Room 750
Computer Lab 1300
Seminar Hall 1300
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Year Milestones
2021 Kamal Harichandran bagged 9th rank for Model 1 in the M.G. University Examinations.
2012 Roni Jain Raju bagged 1st rank for in the M.G University Examination.
2010 Roni Jain Raju bagged 6th rank for Model 1 in the M.G University Examination